depatment of languages


THE DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES The language department is one of the pillars of Kanyasrega Nyokal Secondary School. It offers two key subjects; that is English and Kiswahili both being compulsory subjects. The language department comprises English and Kiswahili which are the only two curricular subjects currently being offered. Affiliate co- curricular activities, (ACCA,) include drama, music and verse speaking. This department presently has two TSC teachers of English,one TSC teacher of Kiswahili and one BOG teacher of kiswahili. Being a double streamed school, there is need for additional staff to augment effective delivery of the syllabus requirements. At the department, we believe in collective, inclusive and responsive approach to teaching. This in effect has ensured growth in terms of performance in the national exams, which has been on the upward trend since 2004. The initial aim was to eliminate grade E at the ultimate KCSE exams. This was achieved in 2006. The elimination of grade D- (minus) for individual students is now our focus at the department. We endeavor to facilitate the scoring of quality grades by students, at all times. The highest subject mean grade obtained in the department was C- (Minus) for English in 2006,2007and 2008. This is why we believe there is a lot of room for improvement, given that the department is at the core of efforts geared towards realizing the vision of the school, that is, �to be recognised nationally as one of the bestt schools of academic excellence.� Indeed towards this end, our School through the departments affiliate ACCA; music, featured in the National Drama and Music festival in 2008.We therefore encourage students to set individual targets which enable the department to set targets at the subject level. The school on its part has ensured that our students are sponsored to live stage shows on set books and joint exams, while teachers are sponsored to relevant seminars. Chief among handicaps faced by the department is inadequate extensive reading materials like novels. This is why we welcome assistance from well wishers, to help the department to promote and mould linguistic excellence in and by our students. FUTURE PLANS. We aim at establishing an active writer�s club by January 2010.This with the aim of sharpening the writing skills of the students as well as preparing them for future careers in the world of journalism.


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